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How To Get A Google Review Link To Send Your Clients

Getting Google reviews from clients is one of the best things you can do to improve your Google ranking, and it’s FREE.

But even if they’re absolutely thrilled with your service, most of your clients won’t do this on their own, so you need to ask for a review. Not only that but if you make it super simple to leave one, people are much more likely to follow through.

So here’s how you get a link directly to your Google Business profile that you can email right to your clients.

“72% Of People That Were Asked To Leave A Review Did So”

Step 1

Log in to

Step 2

Select your listing

Step 3

You’ll see this at the top of the page. Click Ask for Reviews.

Step 4

A popup appears with your Google review link. Copy and paste this link and email it to yourself. Then add it to emails anytime you kindly ask clients for a review.

Google Review Are A Must-Have If You Want To Increase Your Ranking

There are many things that affect how well your website shows up in search results. Some of these include how fast your page loads, whether your site works well on mobile devices, using the right keywords in your content, and making sure there are no broken links.

Another important factor is getting good reviews on Google. When people leave positive reviews about your business, it tells Google that your website can be trusted and that real people like what you offer. This helps Google understand what your business is all about. Google’s robots read these reviews and the words in them to figure out what your business does. This way, Google can suggest your website to people who are looking for things related to your industry.

So, if your business has lots of good reviews and high star ratings on Google, you’re more likely to get more people visiting your website.

Whitespark’s 2021 Local Search Ranking Factors post noted that the following review elements were the most important (in order):

  • High Star-Ranking
  • Positive Sentiment in Review Text
  • Quantity of Google Reviews
  • Recency of Reviews
  • Presence of Owner Responses to Reviews

Google pays attention to the words people use in their reviews. So, it’s important to have the right keywords in your reviews.

For example: a review like “Great job. These guys are the best!” won’t boost your ranking as much as one packed with keywords like this: Before I hired Kate, my home was messy and cluttered. She helped me organize my closet, kitchen drawers, and my kids’ rooms. Now, I have more storage space. I highly recommend her for home organizing projects.

1 Piece of Advice For Improving Google Ranking

People often wonder, “How can I get my business to show up higher on Google?” Our top tip is to make sure your Google Business Profile is complete. Instead of spending money on ads and SEO experts right away, focus on filling out your Google Business profile. Also, ask happy customers to leave reviews by sharing a review link with them.

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